For more than two decades, our collaboration with Harman has been an enduring partnership marked by innovation and excellence, particularly in shaping their presence at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With a focus on creating an exclusive and seamless experience for invite-only VIPs, our design team collaborates closely with Harman’s Global marketing team to craft a narrative that resonates amid the cacophony of the world’s largest technology event.

Our Solution

The heart of our solution lies in the intricately crafted custom displays that not only showcase Harman’s products but also offer the flexibility needed to tell a comprehensive product story. Navigating the vast landscape of CES requires a strategic approach, and our bespoke design and fabrication capabilities empower us to push the limits of display and exhibit design, ensuring that Harman’s presence stands out prominently in the crowded and dynamic environment of the show.

Executing this vision involves substantial logistical prowess. Our team orchestrates the transportation of over 15 truckloads of display assets to Las Vegas, a testament to the scale and magnitude of the exhibit. Our installation team, working tirelessly around the clock, ensures that everything is show-ready immediately after the new year, contributing to the seamless execution of the CES experience.

Our Results

In essence, our journey with Harman encapsulates not just the design and execution of exhibits but the cultivation of an immersive and award-winning experience that has become synonymous with excellence at CES. As we look forward to the future, our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled experiences remains unwavering.


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