Furrion is not just a brand; it’s a force of innovation, luxury, and cutting-edge technology with modern and stylish products for the home, RVs and yachts. In 2018, the company debuted the Limitless and Hercules concept vehicles, so they naturally wanted to make a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show that year—while also highlighting their full product line, from futuristic concept vehicles to exoskeletal robots and consumer appliances. Given this monumental task, they turned to WRX to streamline their booth for optimal traffic flow and maximum impact.

Our Solution

WRX designed the Furrion booth to be a choreographed journey through innovation, crafting a space where each product segment seamlessly transitioned into the next. And let’s talk about that custom floor, which WRX designed to pulsate with the heartbeat of a truly modern living environment. For this show, Furrion needed more than a booththey wanted to give their audience a showcase of the future, and they relied on WRX to realize that vision.

Our Results

The media buzz surrounding the Furrion booth was simply unmatched. From the start of the show until the booth was struck, Furrion’s exhibit space was a magnet for media and consumers alike, all hungry for a closer look at Furrion’s groundbreaking products.


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