When tasked with designing displays for a trade show exhibit featuring different brands with varied products and needs, the challenge lies in achieving a cohesive design aesthetic while accommodating the diverse requirements of each brand. The solution involves implementing repeating design elements that serve as unifying factors across all displays, fostering a sense of unity despite the differences.

Our Solution

Key components of the solution include incorporating consistent shapes for support walls, specific curves radius, and adhering to a limited color palette. These elements act as the visual language that ties the displays together, creating a harmonious and integrated look across the entire exhibit.

Our Results

By establishing these design “rules,” the exhibits maintain a cohesive appearance whether organized by brand or displayed together at a larger trade show. This consistency helps attendees navigate the exhibit more easily, as they can identify the shared visual elements across different displays.

Moreover, the set of design rules also allows for creative flexibility. Breaking these rules strategically can be used to draw attention to specific areas or products, creating focal points that stand out within the cohesive design. This intentional departure from the established guidelines adds dynamism to the overall visual experience and ensures that certain aspects receive the emphasis they deserve.

In summary, the approach involves striking a balance between consistency and flexibility in design. The repeating elements provide a thread of continuity, while the deliberate deviations from these rules add an element of intrigue and emphasis, making the trade show exhibit visually engaging and effective for showcasing diverse brands and products.


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